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The 35th annual MoneyShow San Francisco brings together the most forward thinking minds in Finance and technology. This year, we are focused on exploring successful strategies, disruptive technologies, and next-level thinking that’s relevant to individual investors.

August 23

Cannabis Welcome Remarks

Michael Berger

Options Strategies of the Pros

John Dobosz, Kerry Given, PhD, Stefanie Kammerman, Dan Misch,

Mastering Fundamental Stock Analysis

Dennis Genord

PotBot: Personalizing Medical Cannabis

David Goldstein

An Energy Investor's Roadmap*

Mark Mills

How Canada Is Leading the Global Cannabis Movement

Cam Battley

Catching Super Stocks Before Their Big Move

Irusha Peiris

Cannabis Investing 101

Stuart Titus

MoneyShow Mobile App Overview

Aaron West

Opening Ceremonies Welcome Remarks

Kim Githler

The Coming Cyberphysical Revolution

Mark Mills

Sponsor Welcoming Remarks

Scott Connor

Insights Into the Economy

Arthur Laffer

Politics and Your Portfolio

George Gilder, Arthur Laffer, Stephen Moore, Wayne Root, Mark Skousen,

August 24

Live Trading Challenge

Rob Hoffman, Corey Rosenbloom,

How to Successfully Invest During Volatile Markets

Charles Biderman

Finding Superior Returns from Mid-Cap Stocks

Douglas Gerlach

Finding Stocks Wall Street Has Yet to Discover

Matt McCall

Telecosm Welcome Remarks* Ticket Required

Kim Githler

Let's Get Started: An Introduction to thinkorswim

Kevin Hincks

Generate Weekly Income Using Options

Tony Zhang

Telecosm Overview*

George Gilder

A Fireside Chat Between a Leading VC and Venture Capital Reporter

Bob Ackerman, Deborah Gage,

Bitcoin Is Global: A Discussion with Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

Laura Shin, Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss,

Options Fundamentals

Joe Burgoyne

Creating Safe, Secure Retirement Income

Robert Carlson

Throw Away Your Crystal Ball

Kerry Given, PhD

How to Make a Day's Pay Before You Go to Work

Stefanie Kammerman

How Technology Is Creating a New Breed of Alternative Investment Marketplaces Online*

Jim Connor, Phil Haslett, Michael Weisz,

Wayne's World on Money and Business

Wayne Wakefield

Approaching Zero: The 3 Best Tax Minimization Strategies

Richard Durfee, Jr.

Utility Investing in Today's Markets

Thomas Grimes, Rowland Wilhelm,

The New Real Estate Model for Oil and Gas

Jay Young

Convertible Bonds: Your Solution for a Zero-Rate World

Bill Feingold

20 Stocks to Buy and 10 Stocks to Sell in 2016 Lunch Panel*

Bart DiLiddo, Matt McCall, Michael Murphy, Mark Skousen, Kelley Wright,

Profiting from the Financialization of Diamonds

Joseph Lipton

The Top Ten ETFs You Must Know About

Doug Fabian

A Structured Approach to Fundamental Stock Analysis

Dennis Genord

Big Returns from Micro-Cap and Small-Cap Stocks

Kevin Kennedy

The Internet of Things & People

Mark Mills, Mimi Spier, Bret Swanson,

Companies First, Stocks Second: How to Invest

Jack Mohr

Maintaining Safe and Growing Dividends

Christopher Barry

Investing in Cannabis: The Importance of Diversification and Due Diligence

Michael Berger, Adam Cohen, Christian Groh, Matthew Karnes, Jason Spatafora,

Knowledge & Power in Biotech

Martin Gerstel, John McCamant, Matthew Scholz,

Growth Opportunities Around the World

Christopher Barry, Gladys Farrow, Alexandre Horta, Kelley Wright,

Q&A with Cannabis Investing Experts

Michael Berger, Matthew Karnes, Jason Spatafora,

The Biggest Breakthrough in Desalination

John Collier

Going Mobile! Trade Everything, Everywhere

Scott Connor, Kevin Hincks,

The Crisis in Fundamental Physics

Carver Mead

Innovation, Technology, and the Future of Jobs

Jack Ablin

Top 10 Stocks and ETFs You Should Buy Now

Robert Carlson, Doug Fabian, Bryan Perry, Mark Skousen,

Top 10 Small-Cap Stocks

Matt McCall

Technology Today & The Next 20 Years

Michael Murphy

2016: The Year Ahead--Volatility Fun!

Scott Connor

August 25

Five Factors for Evaluating the Market

Jack Ablin

The Best and Worst Bets in Bondland

Marilyn Cohen

Leaderboard: IBD's List of Leading Growth Stocks

Jonathan Howard

Stock Picks for the Next Four Years

Cody Willard

Estate Planning & Asset Protection Symposium*

Richard Durfee, Jr., David Phillips,

Cannabis Investing 101

Stuart Titus

The New Real Estate Model for Oil and Gas

Jay Young

Modernizing Your Dividend Strategy

Jack Ablin, Christine Benz, Mark Freeman, Christopher Gannatti, Paul Lim,

Value Investing 101

John Buckingham

Raising Capital in the Cannabis Industry: What and Who You Need to Know?

Adam Cohen, Troy Dayton, Isaac Dietrich, Tom Quigley, Seibo Shen,

Will the Real Economy Please Stand Up!

Thomas Kee

Biotech Investing Back to Basics.

John McCamant

Seat Belt or Parachute

Jackie Ann Patterson

Where to Invest for Income When Rates Rise

Bryan Perry

Q&A with Cody

Cody Willard

Profiting from the Financialization of Diamonds

Joseph Lipton

Worry-Free Investing Challenge

Cathy O'Nan

Wayne's World on Money and Business

Wayne Wakefield

Options Strategies for Directional Trades

Tom White

Investing in the Water Crisis

John Collier

Structuring Your Portfolio for Income and Safety*

John Buckingham, Marilyn Cohen, Bryan Perry,

A Canadian Cannabis Leader

Cam Battley

Trading Option Spreads, Why They Make Sense

Joe Burgoyne, Bill Ryan,

The New Rules of Retirement

Robert Carlson

Learning Some of the Intricacies of the Bond Market

Marilyn Cohen

Surviving the Next Recession and Bear Market

Douglas Gerlach

How Algos and Moving Averages Influence Price

Giuseppe Basile

Generating Income with Options

Joe Burgoyne

Q&A with Fred Fuld

Fred Fuld

The #1 Strategy on the Market YTD

Thomas Kee

How to Own a Balanced Precious Metals Portfolio

Seth Wheeler

Stock Market Trivia

Fred Fuld

How to Profit off the Dark Pool

Stefanie Kammerman

ETF Success in 60 Minutes or Less?

Dave Nadig

Worry-Free Investing

Dan Misch, Cathy O'Nan,